A dog stuck in a drainage pipe for three days in Morristown was rescued by a group of Good Samaritans.

Jimmi Winstead owns the 16 year old Siberian Husky, and said she was heartbroken when she heard the news that her dog, Sierra, had run away. Winstead was in Florida when she got the phone call that her neighbors had found Sierra stuck in a drainage pipe by the side of the road.

"I was sick. I felt helpless. There was nothing I could do," Winstead said.

But thanks to neighbors, Sierra is making a miraculous recovery. When someone heard Sierra crying from the pipe, they called the sheriff's office to come and help. Two deputies responded and then called a friend who owns a backhoe. That man showed up and started digging a hole big enough and deep enough that two other men were able to crawl down and break into the pipe to rescue Sierra.

Another neighbor recorded the whole thing on her phone.

Once the group was able to get Sierra from the pipe, they took it to the emergency veterinarian, who at first wasn't sure if Sierra was going to make it.

Winstead said there was no way she was going to put Sierra down without first getting back home to see her. She said she was amazed to see that Sierra was up and walking around the day she got home.

"It was amazing, because once you hear...put her to sleep, she's not going to walk again, and you come home to that? You just couldn't imagine the feeling you get knowing that she's going to be okay," Winstead explained.

Sierra has severe sores on the side of her body she was laying on, she also has a bite on her face where something bit her by her cheek. Winstead is thanking her neighbors, the sheriff's deputies who responded, and the group of at least 20 people she has never met before in her life for coming to Sierra's rescue.

"I could not thank everybody enough for being so willing to help my baby."


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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow so wonderful for all those volunteers to go to the dogs aid and rescue that beautiful soul thank you to all who was involved Val Bounds of Perth Australia

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