'Klepto Cat' caught stealing over 600 items on video camera 

 When their possessions kept going missing a group of neighbours feared that a burglar might have been targeting them.And when the thefts continued for three years they must have cursed the local police for failing to catch the crook. But the mystery of more than 600 stolen items was solved when it emerged that the goods had been stolen - by a local cat.

Dusty the brown-and-white moggy has prowled the homes of residents in San Mateo, California, at night for more than three years. It is estimated that the crafty feline has stolen more than 600 items including towels, gloves, shoes, socks, and children's toys. Dusty even returned home with a bounty of 11 household items from nearby homes in a single evening. And he especially likes to steal women's bathing suits. Recently, he took resident Kelly McClelland's bikini bottoms from her clothes line.

 His crime sprees emerged when The Animal Planet television show 'Must Love Cats' recently installed a camera outside the house. It captured his nightly forays for a week. Neighbours keep a watch for the cat but his victims do not intend to file police reports.

They say that when something goes missing they simply visit Dusty's owners, Jean Chu and Jim Coleman. They believe that Dusty has stolen more than 600 items in the last three years, an average of four a week. (Source)


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  1. now this critter is THE cat burglar ^--^

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