Tiny Chihuahua Isn't The Least Bit Intimidated By Great Dane Playmate

Lilly the Chihuahua may be small in stature, but she's gotta plenty of spunk to make up for her miniature size, as she's all too keen on showing Vago the Great Dane.

When these two met while walking in Winnipeg, it was clear their two big personalities were definitely well-suited to one another. Pouncing is basically the canine equivalent of a strong handshake.

Even though this pair may be a bit mismatched in size, that certainly didn't stop them from playing it up and having a good time. Just goes to show, being little is just a state of mind!

And special kudos to Vago's owner, who played it safe and kept him on his leash while he became acquainted with this sassy newcomer. (Via DODO)


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