Nearly a year ago, the Indigenous Action Movement coordinated a protest at the Peace Arch on the U.S.-Canada border.

"It's a peaceful, prayerful action ... a ceremony with smudging, drumming and singing," Kat Norris, spokesperson for the group, told ICTMN. "Every time we have to cross a border, it hits our hearts.

It only reminds us of what we once had." The gathering was focused on Indigenous women, but had a strong youth element to it.

Video director Dave Wilson set out to capture the spirit of Idle No More's future: Young people from both countries united by a cultural pride, and a willingness to question the status quo.

Entitled "Idle No More: The Next Generation," the video was produced by Natives Brodie Lane Stevens (Tulalip) and ICTMN contributor Gyasi Ross (Blackfeet), and uses the song "Letter to My Countrymen" by the Minneapolis-based rapper Brother Ali, who has collaborated with Wilson in the past. The clip was posted to the RockPaper Jet YouTube page on January 9,


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