The happy dance of a goose

A goose is a medium to large sized bird found in Europe, Asia and North America. There are around 29 known species of geese around the world including Canadian geese and Snowy geese.

Geese mate and build their nests in order to raise their baby geese (known as goslings) in the north during the warmer summer months and the geese then migrate south in the winter to the warmer climates when the baby geese are strong enough to fly.

Geese tend to have the same mating partners for their entire lives, and if not all of it then most of it. The bond between male and female geese partners is very strong and they will often spend most of their time together with both the male goose and the female goose building the nest and raising their young.

Geese are omnivorous birds but mainly feed on insects, grubs, small fish and plankton in the water. Geese spend a great deal of time on the water and have special adaptations such as webbed feet which make their aquatic life easier.(Source)


Responses to "Goose Does A Happy Dance After Getting A Piece Of Bread. (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very cute - BUT - please do not feed geese/ducks bread. It causes Angel Wing and Bumblefoot - crippling from lack of proper nutrition. There is no cure. Please consider getting proper duck/goose food. :)

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