Colorado black bear mom and two cubs out for a summer swim in a backyard pond. Larkspur, CO Enjoy!

It's a beautiful morning, and this bear family is living it up in style: lounging at the pond. This particular pond just happens to be in someone's backyard. But, since the weather is still summery and warm, these bears have to take advantage of their relaxing pool time while they can! After all, hibernation is right around the corner ...

Mama Bear says chill-time is over, let's get out of the pond!

The cubs aren't as keen on leaving their refreshing spot ...

... especially the last cub. But he's not about to let his siblings scamper off without him!

American black bears are very adept swimmers, and their cubs take to water quite early in life. This is a necessity, as the bears traverse water to in order to catch and eat fish. It is not uncommon for American black bears to partake in the occasional casual pond visit


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