Divers off the coast of Central America have filmed the extraordinary moment a manta ray appeared to 'ask for help' in removing a piece of fishing net stuck to its body.

Brazilian Thomaz Monteiro, 25, and Canadian Brian Thompson were swimming around Bat Island off the coast of Costa Rica when the manta glided towards them.

"There are no words to describe this feeling," Mr Monteiro told ninemsn.

But it was Prof Thompson who performed the precarious task of unhooking the net from the belly of the large ocean animal.

After it is finally unhooked from the net, the manta ray glides towards the sunlight and stays close to the divers for about 30 minutes.

"All the divers felt a deep connection with this amazing animal," Mr Monteiro said.

He said the fishing net was narrow but ended up leaving small wounds in the animal's left side.

Mr Monteiro, who told ninemsn he has been diving since he was 12, decided to post the video in an effort to combat the illegal fishing on Costa Rica.

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    Thank you, Brian Thompson. You are a wonderful person.

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