They wear masks representing the clan. In Tsimshian culture, the wearer of a mask is said to take on the spirit of the creature it signifies.

Originally formed in 1996 to perform at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Git-Hoan (People of the Salmon) was re-formed in 2002 and has become one the top native dance groups on the coast.

Though based out of Washington State, all of Git-Hoan's members trace their roots to one of the three main tribes of Southeast Alaska, the Tsimshian, Haida and Tlingit.

Led by Tsimshian carver and culture bearer, David Boxley, Git-Hoan is truly amazing to see.

Their beautiful carved masks and exciting songs are always a thrill. Git-Hoan's has traveled all over, including: New York, Santa-Fe, Haida Gwaii, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Vancouver BC, Portland, Seattle, Anchorage and Italy.

The Tsimshian clans are the Laxsgiik (Eagle Clan), Gispwudwada (Killer Whale Clan) Ganhada (Raven Clan) Laxgibuu (Wolf Clan)


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