White Ravens Of Qualicum Beach British Columbia Canada

Youtube user says "They are so much fun to watch, especially when they are in your back yard for 6 hours a day. They are unique and i may never see anything like this again in my life, i am very grateful to have the experience of seeing them.......they will always hold a special place in my heart"

Qualicum Beach, a beach and town on Vancouver Island British Columbia, has been home to rare white ravens for the past few years. This year, at least one new white raven has hatched, prompting birders to flock to the seaside paradise.

Ask anyone -- even an ornithologist -- what colour a raven is and the resounding answer is 'black.' White ravens, although occasionally seen, are so rare, they have not even been studied by ornithologists.

" The birds are thought to be leucistic and not albino, the result of a genetic defect producing chicks lacking normal pigmentation."

"White ravens are the result of the mating of two common ravens with the same genetic defect. The same pair could produce many generations of white ravens, since common black ravens are monogamous and long-lived."

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  1. ♥so beautiful♥

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  3. Anonymous says:

    What is happening here and who so often? We have been privilege to see the "spirit bear" but now white ravens? I also saw a all "white robin" two years ago on my neighbor's lawn in Alberta. This not suppose to be a common occurrence and yet, it is seen more often than should be. Food, weather conditions or what?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I used to camp in the area in the early 80 ' s and we saw them frequently back then...along Rathtrevor beach and every time we took our laundry into town to do they would be hanging around the area behind the laundermat...

  5. eliza says:

    Thank you for sharing, what a lucky human you are.

  6. oneperson says:

    What makes them more common is video and internet.

  7. Unknown says:

    I love the song you chose this must be the place by talking heads. What an awesome feeling to connect with a raven and a white raven at that! ❤

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