Howling Husky doesn't want to leave dog park

Does your dog love the dog park? Some dogs love the dog park so much that their faces light up when they hear their humans say “Dog Park”.

The Husky on the video loves the dog park so much. So when his humans say it’s time to leave, he throws a tantrum! Watch the video  and see this Husky throw an adorable tantrum. He says NO to leaving the dog park! He wants to stay and play! (Source)

A dog park is a park for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owners.

These parks have varying features, although they typically offer a 4' to 6' fence, separate double-gated entry and exit points, adequate drainage, benches for humans, shade for hot days, parking close to the site, water, tools to pick up and dispose of animal waste in covered trash cans, and regular maintenance and cleaning of the grounds.

Dog parks may also offer wheel-chair access, a pond for swimming and a separate enclosure for small dogs.Off-leash dog areas, or dog parks, provide a community setting in which people can gather and socialize and where they can observe the interaction of groups of dogs at play. Dog parks allow owners and their dogs to spend time together and offer dogs a space for play and companionship with others. Leashes can cause dogs to become territorial. Roaming free is beneficial for dogs.


Responses to "Husky Throws World’s Most Adorable Tantrum About Having To Leave The Dog Park (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    My Husky, Thor does the same thing. I thank god he's a talker not a singer!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cute, worse than children, lol

  3. bmfilip says:

    That is adorable. .

  4. Tanja says:

    That was super sweet!!! Oh my.. :))

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