Burrowing Owls out in the rain, wings spread, flapping about, and otherwise appearing to enjoy the moisture

 Cool Facts:  Burrowing Owls are a unique species which lives in burrows in the ground. They eat rodents and insects, and are significantly and detrimentally effected by poisoning of those species, as well as habitat destruction. They've carved out a niche in the Imperial Valley of California, where most of California's Burrowing Owls live and/or spend winters. It is estimated by some biologists that approximately 10,000 breeding pairs of Burrowing owls remain.

During the fall, winter, and spring they are active during the day in the desert, but when summer's heat falls upon the valley they retreat to their burrows during the hottest hours. Unlike most owls in which the female is larger than the male, the sexes of the Burrowing Owl are the same size.

The Burrowing Owl appears to be diurnal because it can often be seen foraging during the day. In fact, it hunts all day and night long and is most active in the morning and evening. It catches more insects during the day and more mammals at night. It usually nests in tree cavities, although it will use a hole in a building or wall, and sometimes nests in rabbit holes.

The Burrowing Owl collects mammal dung and puts it in and around its burrow. The dung attracts dung beetles, which the owl then captures and eats.(Source)


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