Hazel the Havanese is nervous about her first bath, but her buddy, Prickles, shows her how getting clean can be a ball.

 Bathing your hedgehog: The frequency of baths depends entirely on the individual hedgehog. Some hedgehogs will rarely need a bath and will keep themselves and their feet clean. Others will need a bath every couple of weeks or more and foot baths every couple of days. Remember that too many baths can dry their skin out.

It is very important to ensure the bath water is not too warm. Run the bath BEFORE putting your hedgehog in the water. NEVER run water when the hedgehog is already in the water. There is too much risk that the water will change temperature and scald the hedgehog. If you want to run water over your hedgehog, do not use the tap. Instead, have a bucket or a jug and fill with water the proper temperature and use a plastic cup to pour the water over him or her.

Most of the time, plain water is all that is needed. If the hedgehog is dirty a moisturizing body wash such as Aveeno unscented Oatmeal Body Wash works great. There are also cat and dog moisturizing shampoos that work well. Dog shampoos tend to be highly scented which some hedgehogs do not like. Cat shampoos are less scented and are made for animals that groom themselves so are non toxic. Human baby shampoos should be avoided as they are very drying to the skin.

For the final rinse, you can add a couple of drops of vitamin E oil, Flax seed oil, or olive oil. This will help moisturize his/her skin. Once finished, wrap your hedgehog in a dry towel and sit with him for a while to ensure he doesn’t get chilled. Change the towel to a dry one after a few minutes. Now is a good time to trim some nails.


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