Life on the Reserve is a documentary about what life on a Canadian First Nation reserve is really like. A film by Graham Shonfield.

A new documentary that highlights the significant challenges that people living on reserves have to deal with, as well as the hope they have for their community, as told by the residents themselves.

Graham Shonfield, the 19-year old documentary filmmaker, had volunteered for development work in Africa, but nothing prepared him for the impoverished conditions that he experienced first hand in Northern Ontario at Gull Bay First Nation reserve. Although Gull Bay is only one reserve in this great country, it has similarities to them all.

Life on Gull Bay Reserve is difficult compared to living in a big city. They don't have clean drinking water, so they have to get bottled water shipped to the community. The school is not big enough to have adequate space for the students and they don't have a gymnasium. And despite being a small community of 400 on-reserve members, they have deep family conflicts that affect everyone's daily life.

Director’s Bio: Why I made the Film

I was inspired to volunteer on a Canadian First Nation Reserve because I have volunteered abroad on several trips to developing countries and as much as I loved the experience, I felt that I could be doing the same thing in my home country. I felt that volunteering here in Canada is more important because we need to help those in our own backyard before we can go help others.(Source)


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