Footage of a rare baby albino whale swimming with its mother has been has been filmed by surfers off the Chile coast.

A rare albino southern right whale calf and its mother were videotaped in coastal waters off Chile this week by professional big-wave surfer Ramon Navarro and his companions.

“It was just too amazing. For years I had dreamed about experiencing something like this, and I was lucky enough to live it right in front of my house,” Navarro says in the ITN video (posted below).

Right whale populations were severely depleted during the whaling era. They are the rarest of the large whales, so sightings are considered special.

They range throughout southern hemisphere waters at low latitudes.

Worldwide, the southern right whale population is estimated to be just over 7,000. About 2,600 whales spend the winter season off Argentina. Chile is north of their typical winter range.

It’s not known whether the calf spotted by Navarro and other surfers is a true albino.


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