These young cubs know how to cross a river in style - they just ride across it bear-back.

The trio of little grizzlies refused to be left behind when their mother went for a paddle in a stream in Katmai National Park, Alaska ... so they clambered onto her back and stayed there until she took them along.

The hilarious photographs were taken by tourist Jon Langeland while on a fishing trip at the reserve last week. Grizzly bears are protected in this area of the world and feed off salmon and berries in the summer.

There is an abundance of beaches around Katmai, giving bears plenty of opportunities to feed and cool off. Jon, from Oslo, Norway, said: 'These spring cubs - just a few months old - are totally dependent on their mother. 'These two boys and the girl still live mainly on milk from her.

 'The little female cub kept very close to her mother most of the time, even hiding between her legs and tried to help with different tasks. 'The two boys were more up for exploring, even hopping in the water themselves. 'The first day the mother went into the water and left them on the shore was amusing - the little ones disliked that a lot. She didn't dare do that again.'

Young grizzlies are spotted playing with mama bear

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