An unexpected guest! Rare Albino raccoon saunters into Tennessee back garden... and spends some time relaxing by the pond

Raccoons are often considered pests when they appear in back gardens, but this one was a rarer sighting than most.

 A homeowner in Knox County, Tennessee America was lucky enough to capture footage of an albino raccoon nosing around his back garden His video shows the all-white creature sniffing the ground next to his garden pond.

 'Three sibling raccoons showed up about a month ago at our bird feeders. Two of them were albinos,' the man posted online. In the video, the raccoon lifts its nose in the air a few times, looking around its surrounding curiously.

The snow-white mammal seems to have caught the scent of another animal and stands stock still for a few seconds. In its stationary pose, the raccoon looks almost like a statue. It soon resumes its investigations, delicately raising its nose again as if trying to identify the source of the scent it can smell.


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