Squirrels Carve Face in Pumpkin!

 It may have escaped everyones' attention, but it should be noted. Squirrels. Totally. Dig. Pumpkins. One little squirrel demonstrated his affinity for pumpkins after an unsuspecting gourd was left out in someone's yard (with a hidden camera set up, of course).

The squirrel scampered down from his tree to inspect this new lawn decoration. The pumpkin must have smelled quite tasty, as the little pumpkin-eater started going to town with his new snack. Before long, two eye holes and the beginnings of a jack-o-lantern nose had formed!

 The squirrel definitely has a bit of an artistic temperament, as he was quick to chase away any curious bystanders from his tasty masterpiece. The final results were quite admirable! The pumpkin's nose, eyes and mouth made for a pretty spooky jack-o-lantern.

While it's likely that some strategically-placed pumpkin juice helped to encourage the squirrel's bites, the furry critters really are fans of Halloween pumpkins, and often eat them as a snack.

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