Baby Elephants Have Epic Wrestling Match In The Mud

Sometimes you just have to throw caution caution to the wind and get a little muddy if you really want to have some fun.

Two baby elephants at Elephant Nature Park were having a blast in their own little mud pit, and decided to make things a little more interesting by adding wrestling to the mix.

It's important to stretch with some limbering leg lifts before any wrestling match, as everyone knows.

The smaller elephant decides to get the jump on her friend, quite literally. Though elephant legs can be a tad cumbersome, this little champion manages to pin down her opponent with ease.

Climbing on top of your opponent's head would probably be the ultimate victory, but it's a bit more acrobatic than this baby elephant can handle right now. Her wrestling partner seems quite content to sit and become the little elephant's own personal jungle-gym.


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    absolutely gorgeous..lol

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