Herd Of Cherokee Nation Bison Arrives In Delaware County

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker along with other tribal officials are on hand for the unloading. The Cherokee Nation was given the herd earlier this week by the InterTribal Buffalo Council. The bison come from the Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

They will initially graze on 250 acres, with about a thousand total acres available should the herd grow.

The Cherokee's director of natural resources, GV Gulager, said this is the best day he's had since working for the tribe.

"It's going to bring back heritage, it's going bring back tourism. It's going to bring back the symbolic nature of the Native American and the buffalo and how they're entwined together,” he said.

Another ten bison will be delivered to the tribe later this month from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

The Cherokees are also in the running to get a small herd from Yellowstone.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad. I know the Bison will be taken care of. The Cherokee Nation should consider taking over the responsibilities of the BLM in overseeing wildlife conservation on all public lands.

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