Dog Won't Come Inside Until Owners Open Invisible Door

Just like humans, dogs have their own quirks too. But these quirks make us love them even more! The dog in the video below is outside. Notice that there is a treat for her on the floor.

She wants to get inside, but for some reason, she thinks the door is closed! She won’t come inside no matter how many times her human calls for her to come inside. So the only thing to do is for her human to open an “invisible” door for her! (Source)

A puppy that’s not encouraged to build self-confidence can become an overly shy dog. It’s during a puppy’s socialization period that his confidence is instilled.

Some breeds tend to be more timid than others, however, shyness can become a serious behavior problem with any dog that’s not properly socialized. Shy dogs tend to be afraid of everything from people and strange objects to loud noises. You can’t force a dog to be brave; you can only encourage him through praise and leadership.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So, we have replaced the patio door screen 3 times now. Does that make my Shepherd/Husky really socialized? :D

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