Witness these amazing shots as a polar bear gives birth in her hibernation hole.

After mating, the fertilized egg remains in a suspended state until August or September. During these four months, the pregnant female eats prodigious amounts of food, gaining at least 200 kg (440 lb) and often more than doubling her body weight.

When the ice floes break up in the fall, ending the possibility of hunting, each pregnant female digs a maternity den consisting of a narrow entrance tunnel leading to one to three chambers.

The polar bears that do not den on land make their dens on the sea ice. In the den, she enters a dormant state similar to hibernation. This hibernation-like state does not consist of continuous sleeping; however, the bear's heart rate slows from 46 to 27 beats per minute. Her body temperature does not decrease during this period as it would for a typical mammal in hibernation.

Between November and February, cubs are born blind, covered with a light down fur, and weighing less than 0.9 kg (2.0 lb)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do the get cameras that close to film the birth without being attacked by the mother?

  2. Unknown says:

    I love this. The twisted Minnesota DNR stole Dr Lynn Rogers ( many BBC documentaries ) research license, and will no longer allow him to transmit his den cams. Teachers shared the lives of bears in their den all over the world. Minnesota only wants killers, so teaching truth about wildlife is something they want stopped. I don't buy anything from Minnesota now. This video shows that they can't stop kids from learning the truth about wildlife.

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