During a fishing trip in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada, Don Dunbar didn’t expect to see an eagle swimming in the ocean. But he did.

Instead of Salmon, frequently caught in Nanoose Bay, he pulled out a bald eagle. The eagle was trying to dry out its wings as it floated along in the water. The bird was completely exhausted and could not move very well on its own.

As you watch the video, you will hear Dubar coaxing the eagle to get close to his boat. Then, he takes out a net and rescues it. The video has gone viral.

“Who’s going to believe this now,” Dunbar laughed as he held the eagle on a net.

When Dubar reached land with the bird, it was picked up by the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L) located in Delta, B.C. National Geographic spoke to Mindy Dick of O.W.L., who explained what happened during the rescue.

According to Dick, as young eagles learn to hunt, they misjudge the size of the fish when they try to carry them away and cannot. Apparently, the animals have such strong feet that they lock on to their prey and can sometimes get pulled under.

The bird is getting medical attention for Ecoli and is progressing well, National Geographic reported.


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    What a beautiful conclusion. Looking forward to the update which was supposed to be September 20th 2014.

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    your an idiot, what the fuck took you so long to just grab him and pull him into your boat? fucking moron

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    Nice, very nice and great commentary, your good deed will have the stars shining on you.. And the comment above about being a fucking moron.. you're one, lets just grab a bald eagle and throw him on the boat thats using your head, he wasn't going anywhere, some people may have killed the bird for sport or just because they could. Look forward to the update

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    my hero x

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