Baby Chloe was two months old when she was found in her dead mother’s pouch on a road outside of Sydney

The six-month-old joey was found in her dead mother’s pouch on a road near Jenolan Caves, west of the Blue Mountains, in New South Wales in June.

But the fury little creature has been receiving round-the-clock care and keeping everyone busy while melting hearts among the Zoo's keepers.

‘My biggest problem is getting her back [from the keepers],’ joked Ms Weston.

As part of her 'motherly duties', Ms Weston carries Chloe in a makeshift pouch around her waist and stops her job every five hours to bottle feed her.

Chloe was brought to Taronga Wildlife Hospital last week for ongoing care and the keepers hope she will be strong enough to return to the wild in about 18 months.

‘She’s very affectionate and also a bit naughty. She loves chewing on shoes and if you walk away from her she chases after you like a rocket.’


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