Adorable! Leopard & Cub Crossing The Sabie River

Like most other animals, baby leopards have to learn everything from mom: hunting, climbing and, most importantly, the subtle art of river-jumping.

This young cub is no exception — he was spotted in Kruger National Park in South Africa learning this invaluable skill. On his first try, he was all alone:

The jump was ... less than successful. But at the next crossing, mom showed up to lead the way. ...And jump she did.

Leopards are known for their ability to scale heights and climb on difficult terrains — not to mention their impressive 36-mph speed.

Despite this, they've been unable to outrun the threats facing them, including habitat loss and fragmentation, as well as the wildlife trade for their parts. See this page for more information about problems facing leopards and how to help them.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice but a bit of advice. when videoing , be quiet. no need to applause a natural occurrence.

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