A pair of tourists from Virginia captured the female wolf roaming the North Rim last month — with their video camera.

A cross-country road trip found the two with a rare sighting: a wolf trotting alongside their car as they left Grand Canyon National Park.

Sarah Nissen and Samantha Bray, of Charlottesville, Va., were leaving the canyon Oct. 8 and had just driven past a sign at the edge of the park when they saw the animal running along the side of the road, Bray said.

The canine paced their car as she slowed to watch, she said.

"All of a sudden, on the left, we saw an animal running along," she said. "It had something in its mouth — maybe a snake — that it was shaking and playing with."

"I slowed down and it crossed the road in front of the car."

Bray and Nissen took several photos and video of the canine. Tuesday, officials confirmed that their sighting was of a rare wolf.
Via Dylan Smith

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    You were so fortunate to have been lucky enough to have seen her! A once in a life time experience

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