White deer spotted at Fr. Hennepin State Park

In the wild, pure-white albino deer are very rare — by some estimates they occur only one in every 20,000 individuals. That’s why a photographer in Father Hennepin State Park in Isle, Minnesota, was quick to start filming when he caught a glimpse of one strolling down a path with his herd.

Michael Huntley of Huntley/Paulsen photography uploaded images of the animal to his Facebook page as well.

Like other albino animals, albino white deer lack some or all of their color pigments, resulting in white fur, pink noses and pink eyes. They often don’t live long because they generally have poor eyesight and their white coloring makes them an easy target for predators.(Source)

In Native American mythology there is the Chickasaw legend, Ghost of the White Deer. There is also a Lenape legend about white deer that predicts that when a pair of all-white deer is seen together, it is a sign that the indigenous peoples of the Dawnland will all come together and lead the world with their wisdom.


Responses to "Rare All-White Deer Caught On Camera Strolling Along With Friends (VIDEO)"

  1. pilvikki says:

    they get along just fine....

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some times they get pushed out of the herd because of their difference, It attracts predators and that is a definite no, no.

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