The heartbreaking moment a young dog tries to pull its companion out of the road after being left for dead when it was hit by a car

It is known as man's best friend, but as this video shows, dogs are just as loyal to their own kind, and will do anything to protect them.

The video shows the moment when a dog tried to revive its friend who had been killed in a car accident.

The heartbreaking scenes were filmed in Mexico by a taxi driver who saw the dog's canine companion as it was hit by a car.

As the two dogs ran across the road, the second was hit by a car, and the first then returned to try to 'save' his friend.

The footage was taken by Serrano Madera, 42, when he was driving through the capital Mexico City.

The video footage shot on Madera's mobile phone shows the live animal nudging the dead dog, and then using its front legs to try and pull it out of the way of the traffic and safely on side of the road.

Eventually, after failing, the dog settles down beside its dead companion hoping apparently that it is going to come round.

The story was widely shared in Mexican media with animal activists seizing on it to show that dogs deserve more respect in the country and that they also have emotions just like people and should be respected more.

The taxi driver added that before driving off he had moved the dead body to one side of the road and said there was nothing that could be done for the animal as it had clearly been killed instantly.


Responses to "Heartbreaking moment dog tries to pull fellow dog out of road (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    How cruel!! All those cars and not one stopped to help. I am beginning to wonder if God will save any of humanity in the end.

  2. Anonymous says:

    cold hearted mexicans maybe next time it will be one of them in the road.

  3. Ken Bruun-Olsen says:

    We are ALL Animals on this planet, and if we're Lucky we will have at least ONE Friend with the same compassion as This Dog has. As for the passers bye, well I guess They live in thier own hell.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How could all these people drive past when the look on this dog's face is begging for help? How could the person who video recorded this dog's plight not get out and move the dead dog out of the road or call for help? I don't get it! Animals have more compassion than many people do as evidenced in this video!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Before you stereo type all Mexicans, look in your own back yard. Lots [ i mean mega lots] of Americans would do the same thing. Going places and are very use to seeing dead animals. The taxi driver eventually moved the dead dog so the live one would follow. Previous Anonymous should read the story and not just watch video. Oh wait, that is the typical American, can't read , right?

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