The Maori, Break Dancers, and Native Americans. Each group cherishes the opportunity to share their culture through dance.

The troupes included:

Ko Ngati Hiona Maori Culture Group of Salt Lake City, UT
Rocky Mountain American Indian Dance Group of Denver, CO
and The Soul Mechanics Krew of Colorado Springs, CO

Northern Cheyenne eminent artist Bently Spang presented his performance art piece “Tekcno Pow Wow III” in the University of Wyoming Union Ballroom, in conjunction with UW’s Shepard Symposium on Social Justice.

“’Tekcno Pow Wow III’ is an audience-participatory, multimedia, group performance art piece,” says Spang.

“It’s a cultural mashup that brings together multiple dance forms including powwow dancing and break dancing, along with a powwow drum and a DJ, to explore how cultures interact and influence each other in the realm of creative expression.”


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