These close up shots of a pair of nesting barn owls happily posing together on a wooden fence-post were captured by a quick-witted wildlife photographer.

Robert Fuller, 42, started feeding the birds, who are typically shy animals, after they nested near his home in the Yorkshire Wolds and gradually crew more accustomed to his lens.

He set up a GoPro camera in front of the post and was able to lure them up-close with food - snapping the love birds in action as the male barn owl showed off his impressive wings.

After a dismal breeding season for barn owls last year, when Mr Fuller spotted the birds nesting near his home in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, he left out a meal of mice and chicks every evening.

Once they grew used to his presence they would follow him down the valley to the wooden post - and the male would even land on his head a few times.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love owls! The larger and heavier one is actually the female, as with most birds of prey. So for most of the video, this is Mrs. Owl enjoying the snack. Good luck then for the next breeding season. :)

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