If you saw a dog stuck in the middle of a canal, what would you do?

Climbing down to get the dog might be one way to go, but how would you climb back up the steep walls while holding the pooch? Quite the conundrum. To this kind individual, however, the answer was simple: drive your car into the canal!

We’re not joking. This person saw the dog in need, jumped in their jeep and set out to save the day. We can’t imagine how the car got into the waterway … but we have to hand it to them, the drive-by rescue is pretty impressive.

How cool would it be if every animal rescue involved a bright orange jeep that would magically appear and swoop the animal in need off to a better life? That would make for a great animal-rescue hero movie…

We just love seeing people going to extreme lengths to help out our fellow sentient beings. Our hats go off to you Orange Jeep Man (okay, maybe for the movie he’ll get a better name).
Via Green Planet


Responses to "You Won’t Believe Where This Guy Drove His Car to Rescue a Dog! (VIDEO)"

  1. pilvikki says:

    that was really funny! thanks! what a great idea. :)

    (maybe kill the sound off the video though...?)

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