The dramatic moment an adorable puppy was rescued from a well minutes before drowning has been caught on camera.

The dog was spotted thrashing about in filthy water at the bottom of the crumbling well trying desperately to keep its head above water.

Concerned locals in the suburb of Udaipur, India, quickly called Animal Aid, a local charity who have been caring the for the cities street animals for 15 years, after hearing the pups desperate yelps.

Quick thinking employee Ganpat Singh then strapped a fragile looking piece of rope around his waist before being slowly lowered into the crumbling well.

Reaching the bottom, Ganpat can be seen reaching out to grab the dog, who was struggling to to tread water through exhaustion.

Locals above quickly hoisted the pair back to dry land - where charity staff were on hand to wrap the dog in blankets.


Responses to "Puppy Rescued From Well Minutes Before Death (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    North Americans need to see more of this. We have stereo typed other countries with the thought that they don't care for domesticated animals. Very nice to see, no matter where.

  2. Unknown says:

    That was awesome what you wonderful folks did!

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