The story of Pete and Lupine two alaskan malamute pups born in the depths of an Arctic winter...

During last winter’s expedition Joe Henderson was surprised to discover that one of his team, Tikka, was pregnant, it was totally unexpected and a worrying prospect with temperatures hovering at -45c.

But all was to be well and Tikka gave birth to 2 pups, Pete and Lupine

Angus Mill is a UK based photographer and adventurer with a passion for cold places and an expertise in the rigorous of arctic photography. He had developed a great friendship with Joe Henderson of Alaskan Arctic Expeditions and they have traveled for many weeks together through some of Alaska’s most spectacular wilderness.

Alaskan malamutes are one of the most ancient breed of dogs and have lived in Alaska in the company of humans for many thousands of years. They are supremely adapted to the Arctic environment.

Arctic Alaska and in particular the North Slope is an area of harsh beauty, with rolling tundra and some of the lowest temperatures on earth. The area is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north and the Brooks Range mountains to the south and includes part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).
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Responses to "10 Photos of Alaskan Malamutes Will Make You Want To Visit Arctic Alaska "

  1. LynnieP says:

    Beautiful dogs, very caring. Can be very stubborn and do not take orders well.

  2. Unknown says:

    Love the story! Love the breed!

  3. Deb Sullivan says:

    Love my Malamutes, I have 6. Stubborn, independent, intelligent, loving, strong, opinionated...the list goes on. Won't stay inside no matter how cold (to me) it gets. Nature sure takes care of the littles born in the cold. Awesome photos!

  4. Rose says:

    Mother and pups are beautiful and it does make me want to go to the Artic.

  5. pilvikki says:

    i used to have an enormous, gentle giant of a malamute. lovely dog.

  6. Hi I have a lovely Alaska Malamute ,I love her to bits she's a rescue.

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