An owner who thought his dog had drowned when a storm destroyed their boat has been reunited with his beloved pet after she swam more than two kilometres in the dark to find him.

 Steve Alioto had everything he loved on the boat in Sausalito, Calif., anchored out because he couldn't afford a dock.

He returned to the boat after helping a friend during Thursday’s storm to find his home had sunk.

“All I saw was the mast sticking out of the water,” Alioto said. Also on board was Steve’s constant companion, Babe, who he renamed Daisy. “I’m big daddy Kibbles and Bits. I’m the guy who provides the dog food, the walks, the baths, and everything that she tells me she needs.”

Steve thought she had gone down with the ship, but Daisy had escaped and found her way to shore.

After swimming a mile and a half (about 2.4 km) to shore in the storm, in the dark, Daisy found a church where she and Steve sometimes get a free meal.

Steve happened to be there Friday after the storm, and Reverend Paul Mowry of the Sausalito Presbyterian Church recognized the two peas separated from their pod.

“Paul came up to me and said, ‘Is your dog’s name Babe?’ I said it was. He said, ‘on the chip for her, is that still her name?’ I said yeah. He goes, ‘she’s alive.’ And I cried so hard.”

Daisy and Steve are now homeless, staying on a friend’s boat for the time being.


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  1. Fili says:

    That is so amazing. That is one strong & loyal dog . I'm glad they are back together. I hope they find a permanent home. Thank you for sharing this.

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