Realistic Handmade Fantasy Creature Dolls by Santani

The little creatures are the hand-made art of a girl known as Santani, her nickname on deviantart and vkontakte. Cute and creepy at the same time, these delightful dolls are surely to melt both children and adults hearts, with their big sparkling eyes, fury bodies and tiny paws.

Santani clearly found her inspiration in the Gremlins horror comedy movies, produced by Steven Spielberg. The resembling is obvious, however, she created her distinctive, noticeable signature – great amount of details and freaky proportions.

Distant relatives of the Gremlins, the teeny-weeny fantasy animals are both otherworldly and life like, appearing to be looking directly into one’s soul, with their wide eyes and mild face expression.

The 23 years old artist, based in Moscow, Russia, has been working for 7 years and she is already successful in the doll making industry. Santani sells her art not only in Russia, but also abroad, having tons of pre-orders expecting to be honored. The price for each toy varies between 94 and 233 dollars and remakes of certain models can be done, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Responses to "Russian Artist Creates Magical Fairy Dolls (Photos)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I cannot explain this, but i there's something not right about these. I'm sorry, truly not trying to ugly.. but there's something not right behind this work. The artist, the intention.. somethings wrong and i don't like the way they make me feel. Would most certainly not give one to a child. Think i'm crazy all you want, i'm telling you.. something is not right

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