Emma the St. Bernard is an outdoors dog. She's also one stubborn dog, even if it means making her human late for work. Despite his best efforts to get her to move inside, Emma is having none of it.

Lying down on the deck outside her house, she rolls over onto her back and throws her paws in the air in an attempt to play. Maybe he should ditch work and join her for a relaxing day on the porch?(Source)

The St. Bernard is a breed of very large working dog from the Italian and Swiss Alps, originally bred for rescue. The breed has become famous through tales of alpine rescues, as well as for its enormous size.

The ancestors of the St. Bernard share a history with the Sennenhunds, also called Swiss Mountain Dogs or Swiss Cattle Dogs, the large farm dogs of the farmers and dairymen of the livestock guardians, herding dogs, and draft dogs as well as hunting dogs, search and rescue dogs, and watchdogs.

These dogs are thought to be descendants of molosser type dogs brought into the Alps by the ancient Romans, and the St. Bernard is recognized internationally today as one of the Molossoid breeds.


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