Here's a real beauty to get us off on the right foot. Though Husky puppies can and do live all over the world, the merest mention of the Husky conjures images of harsh, cold terrain and fresh powder as far as the eye can see.

 There's nothing quite like a party of Husky puppies, because a Husky puppy party will run around all day until you're completely exhausted.

Then they'll try to howl, making a bunch of mewling little squeaks instead, since they haven't yet properly mastered howling. You'll be hunched over with laughter and get cramps.

Now you're out of breath as well as energy, and in the best kind of pain.

these beautiful eyes gazed upon the world and everyone melted a little inside.

VIDEO- What's cuter than a litter of husky puppies running and rolling around?

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    They are so cute ......

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