Bibi the baby Nigerian dwarf goat challenges his gentle horse friend to a playful headbutt duel.

A plucky goat has been caught on camera trying to impress his horse friend with some adorable nose rubs.

Virginie Bourdes, who lives on a farm in the South of France, captured her pet dwarf goat Bibi performing a courtship-like dance on his hind legs to a horse in the stable.

As he nears the large equine, he gives its nose an affectionate rub with his own. When he loses his balance, he shuffles backwards and performs the move again towards the stable door.

Bourdes can be heard giggling in the background as she watches the comical moment unfold. At one point the horse issues a few licks to its new hoofed friend.

The patchy brown and white goat appears to be the same height as the horse's knees. Many viewers have deemed the animal's bond 'cute' and 'adorable'.


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