Two recent reports on wolf-human interactions conclude that attacks by healthy wild wolves do occur but are rare and unusual events despite growing numbers of wolves worldwide.

Both reports also state that there has not been a person killed by wolves in North America during the 20th century. Wild wolves generally fear and avoid people, rarely posing a threat to human safety.

Since about 1950, there have been two apparent wolf-caused human fatalities in North America (Canada and Alaska). Two broad summaries published in 2002 documented 28 reports of wolf aggression towards humans in North America from 1969 to 2001. Nineteen of these involved wolves habituated to humans. Domestic dogs were present in 5 of the incidents.

 There have been no physical attacks on people in Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming from the time wolf recovery began in the 1980s until the present. Wolves can become habituated to humans in areas where they regularly encounter humans or human food.

Wolves rarely interbreed with other canid species, including dogs, because behavioral differences usually keep them distinct.

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  1. In prehistoric times, humans already established a close friendship with wolves, and so domesticated them :) Wonderful post and thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those people that interact with wolves like these people did are so lucky to have this interaction. It is a beautiful thing. I would love a chance to be this close to my wolf sister's and brother's

  3. I am so lucky! I met wolves. They are very kind, and lovely. It was one of the best moment of my life.
    They live in a small forest in Hungary. The area is fenced. Caregivers lured them to the kennel, so that we can to meet them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thats so cool *.*

  5. tazziedee says:

    This is a fantastic bunch of pics!!! We need to seer more of these circulated for the great PR that wolves do desperately need !!!! This will reach to l the people who are willing to listen... the murderers of wolves will never be reached... They get too much of a thrill in murdering these wonderful brings who have mute right to exist then these murdering POS do!!! Please keep the photos coming they are greatly needed to bring more people into this fight to save these wonderful brings!!!!

  6. Wendy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous animals....I disagree that the fifth from the bottom is a is a perspective illusion resulting from the camera angle.

  7. Unknown says:

    awesome ^_^

  8. Anonymous says:

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you enjoyed these check out my instagram. NativeIntuition. I have tons of pictures of me interacting with wolves. I'm in the middle of an internship at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana.

  10. We do all kinds of amazing things with our animals, check us out at would love to be featured!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would so love to meet one of these beautiful creatures...don't know they'd feel about my wheelchair though.

  12. Unknown says:

    i have a bucket list and 1 thing and 1 thing only, i just want to sit and get a kiss from the one thing i have loved all my life and that is the WOLF.. i pray all the time just to do this one thing in my life. we much save them, they were here before us. please help.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are intelligent, and loving animals. I have 2 that I raised from pups. It breaks my heart to see them slaughtered. To noodle who posted before me about the wheelchair, its all about you... the wolf could care less about the chair,.they sense love.

  14. Lovely pictures! Magnificent animals! Love them, protect them!

  15. Catarina says:


  16. Morgana says:

    Just amazing

  17. Unknown says:

  18. Unknown says:


  19. Unknown says:

    When I was a teenager, I convinced my Mom to let me take in an "unwanted dog." Took her to the vet who said, "Umm, you have a wolf-hybrid here." She was the BEST pet, friend, protector ever.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Le blondinet qui montre les dents sur la photo N°5 a fini à l'hôpital dans un sale état! Il a voulu jouer au chef de meute et il a perdu! Pas très malin le gars, typiquement humain, veut commander tout ce qui est sous lui!

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