Release the Wolves! Jason Momoa's Horror Movie Is a Howling Good Time

 The last few years have been productive ones for Native Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa; he's become a force on TV with roles in Game of Thrones and The Red Road, and his film credits include Conan and Bullet to the Head.

In 2014 he emerged as an auteur with his movie Road to Paloma and inked a four-picture deal to play Aquaman in superhero flicks.

And then there's Wolves, the horror movie starring Momoa that was released while his various other projects were grabbing headlines.

In Wolves, a film the strapping 6'4" Momoa repeatedly described as "fun," he plays a werewolf hungry for humans. Wolves officially premiered in November, and is currently available on demand; the DVD comes out January 20.

Jason Momoa told to ICTMN there is another Native story he is going to direct called “Enemy in the Valley” which is a true story piece that takes place in 1890s. "It is a beautiful story of love and family. It's very much like Last of The Mohicans and Braveheart." said Native actor.


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    Where can you find the movie "Enemy in the valley" would love to watch?

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