Faithful dog pushes disabled owner's wheelchair to work

Ma’nao is a 59-year-old polio survivor, who lives in China's Luoyang city Magou village. Ma'nao has run his own little shoe repair business for the last 40 years according to Everyday, Ma'nao's dog, a two-year-old yellow shepherd mixed breed named Big Yellow, helps her human companion get to work on an uphill trip to the stall in the country fair where the man's shoe repair business is located.

What makes this such an incredible story is Big Yellow pushes Ma'nao's makeshift wheelchair up the hill. Big Yellow stays by her human's side - no matter what, and has learned how to adjust to her particularly unique life. Ma'nao hardly had any food to eat, and although he shared a bit with his dog, Big Yellow learned to follow an alternate route for her needed sustenance.

At lunchtime, Big Yellow would visit local restaurants, who all knew her and who regularly fed her scraps and leftovers. When she was done, the loyal dog returned to Ma'nao's side.

Once Ma'nao and Big Yellow's story went viral in China, the government finally came to their aid. He now has a real wheelchair, but still finds it extremely difficult to get up the hill to go to his tiny shop, but Big Yellow doesn't mind. The best part of the story is that the financial subsidy to Ma'nao covers the cost of food for the pair - neither have to worry about going hungry again.

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