A captive-born Arctic gray wolf at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem, NY, wishes you a Happy New Year!

Atka is one of the 'ambassador wolves' that the WCC, a non-profit organization, uses to help teach the public about wolves and their vital role in the environment.

Steeped in myth, the wolf has become a misunderstood predator and too often evokes fear.

By providing science-based information, the Wolf Conservation Center allows wolves and humans to better coexist in our fragile environment, improve our efforts to successfully restore endangered wolves to their ancestral homes in the wild, and offer direct exposure to an elusive predator people might not ever see in the wild.

It is this personal experience that allows individuals to find value and respect for nature. A fourth grader stated it best: “I forget what I hear - I remember what I see - and - I understand what I touch.”


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