This is very funny. Who would've thought that tortoises would even consider chasing a cat.

There is something about the way this tortoise chases this cat that makes you feel that love is in the air. Either that or the shelled-one is getting territorial--though it continues chasing the cat around.

Tortoises are the poster children for the slow and sluggish. Although the tortoise's perseverance did win him the race against the hare, the species will never be known for quick and speedy movements. Yet, they do get around foraging for food, searching out water and migrating seasonally. When you consider how much weight they carry around -- ranging from 112 to 704 pounds -- it's surprising how quickly they move.

Few would dispute the tortoise's claim on the title of the slowest walking animal, and you'd never schedule an afternoon of watching tortoise races. The big lunks aren't as slow as you think, though. The National Wildlife Federation says that when a giant tortoise really gets going, he can reach a speed of one-sixth of a mile per hour.

Maybe you'd be more impressed to hear the giant tortoise's swiftness in feet per minute. In "Animal Records", Mark Carwardine wrote that, if hungry, a giant tortoise could dash toward a leaf of cabbage at a blinding speed of 15 feet per minute.


Responses to "Daily Cute: Tortoise Chases Cat Will make Your Day (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    He moves pretty fast for a turtle! Doesn't want to lose his friend! Love at first sight!

  2. lol what a tenacious turtle! Too funny thank you once again WW!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tortoises are very territorial. He nipped the cat's tail, What does that tell you? Not very fair to keep a dog and cat around until that the poor creature wears itself out. People are idiots and should not own this tortoise.

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