Buttercup is a duck who is now able to waddle freely like any other - thanks to a 3D-printed left foot.

 Buttercup was hatched at an Arlington, Tennessee, high school with his left foot turned backwards .

It meant he was unable to walk or swim properly. It also caused him a lot of pain.

The school contacted the Feathered Angels sanctuary, where founder Mike Garey saw the deformity and decided to do something about it.

The new bright orange prosthetic foot and nylon sock that Buttercup wears isn't quite as flexible the real thing but it does mean that Buttercup can now walk and swim in way he never has been able to before.

Printing the replacement foot took just over 13 hours.


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    Awesome! So awesome! <3

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    Ducks don't like to be out in the dark is one of the problems with why Buttercup does not know where to go, but it is awesome that Buttercup can walk around and swim now!

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