These prairie dogs, residents of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, seemed weirded out, then intrigued, by the presence of a GoPro outside their mound.

 We had no idea how much we loved prairie dogs until this video of one facing off with a mysterious intruder (a GoPro camera atop its mound) showed up.

The animals are notoriously curious and YouTuber mrzha05 wanted to find out what would happen if he put the tiny camera near one of the many prairie dog burrows in North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park ...

This byway provides the colorful North Dakota Badlands as a scenic backdrop with its sweeping vistas of one of the last remnants of wilderness in the Northern Great Plains.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park memorializes the 26th president for his enduring contributions to the conservation of our natural resources. Visitors are provided a unique opportunity for wildlife viewing. In the park you will find open prairie, hardwood draws, bison, other wildlife, and the Little Missouri River.


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