Wildlife Photographer Spends Three Years Photographing Swift Foxes

 Known for their playfulness and crafty intelligence, foxes have long been personified as the pranksters of the animal kingdom. But what many of us don’t know—and what wildlife photographer Michael Forsberg has learned during his lengthy quest to photograph swift foxes—is that foxes are actually some of the most elusive mammals out there.

For the past three years, Forsberg has been traveling to and from South Dakota’s grasslands with one goal: to create one heck of a portfolio of swift fox photos. By summoning up all of his patience, and some trickery of his own, Forsberg designed photo blinds and unique remote camera traps that allowed him to capture some truly amazing and totally unique images of the foxes:

“The fox looked at me,” said Forsberg. “It was the only thing I needed. I remember sending that picture to [my editor] and I had tears in my eyes because I never thought I would get it. It was a real gift on the last day of a couple year journey.”

The swift fox is one of the most elusive animals whose population is monitored by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's Wildlife Diversity Program. Because of its nocturnal behavior, secretive nature and the sparse human population where it occurs, there are very few people who have ever seen a swift fox.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your impressive determination and passion shines brilliantly through your work. Beautiful!

  2. Unknown says:

    Delightful and edifying outcome of your persistence, passion, and patience. Thank you!

  3. Unknown says:

    thanks for sharing,they are worth the wait.

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