With near-freezing temperatures on the horizon in the Georgia city of Savannah, a golden retriever mourned the loss of her puppy and refused to leave its side.

According to WTOC, the golden retriever laid in the Laurel Grove North cemetery for at least two days, refusing to leave her baby’s side.

Multiple attempts were made to rescue the dog from extended exposure to the cold on Wednesday, but all attempts to persuade her failed.

Photographer Hunter Cone came across the dog and snapped photos. He and his mother brought the dog food and water in an attempt to lure her away.

Rescuers now say as of Wednesday evening, the golden retriever finally buried the puppy in the cemetery and left.

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Responses to "Golden retriever grieves, refuses to leave side of dead puppy (Video)"

  1. That is so sad. Hugs for the mother. x

  2. Wendy says:

    I find it impossible to comprehend the ignorance of those who believe animals don't have souls or that they don't have the same emotions as we do. In my life experience: d.o.g. is God..spelled backwards.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She buried the puppy? Really?? You pick the puppy up and get her into a home. who is running the show here? We interfere into eveything that is going right and don't do anything when some thing is wrong. Human race, give me a break.

  4. Unknown says:

    In another news story they say this poor dog has lived in the cemetery for a while. It;s tragic that no one helped when her baby was alive.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This just goes to show that animals have more feelings than some humans! In my opinion I totally agree with "Anonymous" above!!

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