A kind man saw this adorable kitten with its head stuck in a plastic yogurt container as he was taking out the trash.

Worried about the poor kitten, the man decided to help it, so he went inside to get a pair of scissors.

Before attempting to help the kitty, the man asked a passer-by to film the rescue, as he wanted to have something to show his grandchildren who were coming over later for dinner.(Source)

This cat isn't the first critter to get caught in a can. In fact, our garbage often poses a threat to animals.

Rinse all of your recyclables to remove residue and odors. Put lids back on containers tightly. If the lids have been misplaced, crush the containers. Use a can opener that opens cans beneath the lip of the lids, leaving only smooth edges on the cans and lids.

Make sure to completely separate lids from cans.Cut up all six-pack beverage holders and other similar packaging so that there are no closed rings. Recycle all plastic bags at your local grocery store. Don't put plastic bags in the trash.


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