These seals look to be enjoying a bubble bath as they frolic on the beach.

Lying at the water's edge the grey seals allow waves to break over them for around an hour as they take a well-earned rest from hunting for fish.

Amidst the foaming water they seem to be lapping up a luxurious soak.

The seals live on the Island of Heligoland, 30 miles off the German coast in the North Sea. It is famed for its wildlife and grey seals gather there to mate, give birth and bring up their young.

Keen wildlife photographerEimar Weiss, 44, travelled from his home in Hamburg and spent an entire day photographing the seals in the breakwater.Mr Weiss, a dental technician, said: 'Enjoying the bubble bath lasted up to one hour.

'Mating, giving birth, feeding their young and hunting for fish is exhausting for the seals. Some grey seals rested on the beach and some in the breakwater - it certainly seemed they were enjoying this.

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