Rescued African lion Hercules roars in his sleep, in this video from The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Colorado.

Hercules lives in a 20 acre habitat and sometimes dreams that he is defending his territory. During these dreams Hercules gives impressive roars to show his power.

"Hercules" is a rescued Lion that lives at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, and like other lions there, he sometimes dreams of roaring while he is sleeping. Much like dogs do (where they dream of barking or running in their sleep), lions also have vivid dreams, and Hercules is having one heck of a wild dream!

The Wild Animal Sanctuary: 30 miles northeast of Denver. More than 350 lions, tigers, bears, leopards, cougars, wolves and other carnivores rescued from illegal or abusive situations, roaming free in species-specific habitats on 720 acres of open grassland.

The Sanctuary is open daily to the public (except holidays and bad weather), 9am - sunset for educational purposes and features a "Mile Into The Wild" elevated walkway that spans the sanctuary's open habitats and allows visitors to see the animals roaming freely.


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