Some young men saw a dog stuck on an island under a bridge in Serbia and wanted to help.

 But they didn't feel they had proper equipment to carry out the rescue safely and called around looking for help. One man answered the call.

Saša Pešić is a champion for stray dogs in Serbia and rescues and shetlers hundreds of homeless dogs. He didn't hesitate to climb down the bridge rescue the stranded puppy.

Zox Raymaker described what happened next.

"On my way home today i met a few of my friends and they told me that there is a small dog stranded on one of Nišava's river islands. So we went there to try to help but from our perspective there was little we could do without some gear and tools. We started calling various institutions and people but only Mr. Saša Pešić from "Dog shelter" (#savesashasdogs) came to the rescue. Without too much thinking he did what he did and with his permission I present his heroic deed to you."


Responses to "Man rescues stray dog trapped under bridge (VIDEO)"

  1. Unknown says:

    I applaud this courageous rescuer. We should always copy this best behavior.

  2. Unknown says:

    Thank God for kind people.. there are far to few!

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